About Us

Welcome to Gull Lake Knife Works!  We are a small family owned internet business that started a couple of years ago when I retired from a 35yr career in the medical field. All my friends who had retired recommended that I should find something else to do besides hanging around the house and annoying my wife. I've had several hobbies over the years including wood working, hunting and fishing, and lots of activities that had to do with guns and knifes.

My knife making started with a kit I bought from a magazine for $20. Once I remembered how much I loved working with my hands,  a new "hobby" took off.  In a short time I was building knives for friends and family, and going to various shows and swap meets where other like minded people gathered to buy and sell knives and all the other stuff that goes along with them. I met some fantastic people who were willing to help me turn my hobby into a business.

I started with a page on Facebook and with the help of my son who works in the computer industry, and my wife who is a department manager in a large company, we are now opening an internet storefront called Gull Lake Knife Works.

We buy and sell new and used knives and are thinking of adding other products from the EDC (Every Day Carry) community. These products might include stabilized wood blocks for knife making, high quality flashlights, Spinning Tops and other "pocket toys".

Our family lives on a lake and it's been a huge part of our lives. It's no accident that the name of our company had to include our lake!